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Berlin bento shopping.

I just came back from 3 days in Berlin and managed to squeeze in some ┬ábento shopping…

I took my cues from Biggie’s Bento Store Locator, which had a couple of options, and ended up coming home with a super cheap white, green and clear plastic two-tier box from K-mart on Frankfurter Allee (search for Berlin in the store locator; this was right near our hotel, in fact), as well as an awesome insulated bento set from Muji!

It cost an arm and a leg, made worse by the current exchange rate, and would have been sooooo much cheaper in the UK… But I’m not going near a well stocked Muji any time soon, so I sucked it up… (We do have a Muji in Norway — in a franchise operation with the Swedish houseware store Ahlens — but there is an incredible mark up and they only stock a pair of stainless steel tiffin-like boxes that don’t really suit my needs).

So as of next week, I am sure the new boxes will make an appearance here on the blog!