Years of living in the amazing food cities of Lyon, France and Toronto, Canada, along with growing up with a health-conscious mother with some mean cooking skills, have taught me to love food and to care about what I put in my body. My food has to be fairly simple, taste good and be good for you. I am trying to teach myself to cook more Asian (especially Japanese) food, and while I am not vegetarian/vegan, I eat relatively little meat.

I had a severe milk allergy as a child, and I have later grown into a serious nut allergy. Eggs make me queasy. I then went and found myself a lactose-intolerant husband who is also allergic to shellfish. So this blog is 100% egg, nut and shellfish-free and mostly non-dairy. This means that almost all my baking is vegan.

My latest obsession is bento making, and I will share my bentos and other creations here. I did really well with the bentos when I was working a 9-5 government job (make that 8-3), but now that I am back in grad school (project PhD) I am being much less consistent about it. Ah, the messy life of a grad student… I have ambitions for 2010!

(Oh, and by the way, I am totally proud of the header image… Those are green tea white chocolate cupcakes which I baked for our wedding, complete with home made fondant flowers!)


3 responses to “About

  1. Hei Anne! Veldig fin blogg du har! Var hjemme hos moren din på søndag og fikk deilig middag og da tipset hun meg om denne siden.

    Ser du bruker Edamame – hvor får du kjøpt det i Oslo? Har vært innom uendelig mange steder og ingen har hørt om det..

    Takk for svar og håper du har det bra i Canada!

    Hilsen Hilde

  2. I have never heard of bento making! What exactly is it?

  3. It just means that I make Japanese style lunch boxes, which are called bento, see this category: https://annesbento.wordpress.com/category/bento/

    I don’t always use typical Japanese ingredients, but I have a collection of Japanese lunch boxes which I use and I try to approach it in the same way as they do in terms of including different food groups and food in different colors.

    If you google it, or look at the blogs in my blog roll, you will find lots of people around the world who make beautiful bento boxes for themselves and their kids.

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