Pumpkin seed butter.

I used to envy people who weren’t allergic to nuts for being able to eat almond butter. It seemed so satisfying. Then, in Toronto, I discovered that I need not pine for almond butter – I could eat pumpkin seed butter instead! Canadian health food stores stock pumpkin seed butter from a company called “Nuts to you”. It had a somewhat odd brownish-green color, but is totally addictive. When I served it to out-of-town guests, they invariably ended up bringing a jar home, and personally I went through literally a jar of this stuff every week, eating it for breakfast on rye bread, with honey on top, and eating it by the spoonful out of the fridge as a snack.

I’ve missed it sorely here in Norway, now that I have gone through the stash I brought from Canada. But no more need for that – because pumpkin seeds + food processor = pumpkin seed butter 🙂

Pumpkin seed butter

  • 350 g pumpkin seeds
  • 2-3 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • <1 tsp sea salt

I find that raw pumpkin seeds have a slightly unpleasant bitterness to them, so I prefer to toast them first. (The Nuts to You version that I used to buy was also made from pre-toasted seeds.) Thus, the first step is to spread the seeds in a single layer on a baking dish and toast them for 15 minutes or so at 150C. Then, you let them cool.

Once they have cooled, you put them in your food processor, and just let it run for a LONG time. First, they will turn into an increasingly fine powder. Then, the powder will start to clump. Around this time, I would add the coconut oil, while the food processor is running. Throughout, you will need to stop the food processor at regular intervals to push the stuff back down, as it tends to get pushed to the side and out of reach of the spinning blades. Eventually (maybe 7-10 minutes? I didn’t keep track), you will have pumpkin seed butter, which you can scoop into a container. It will initially be quite runny, but it will set in the fridge to a relatively solid, but still spreadable, texture.

Eat on bread, with honey on top (this picture features my home-made gluten-free bread):


3 responses to “Pumpkin seed butter.

  1. TAKK TAKK TAKK!!!!!

  2. I actually just made pumpkin seed butter last 2 weeks ago (its already gone hehe) and I couldn’t get it runny. I don’t remember if I used my vitamix or food processor but I added coconut oil AND avocado oil and it still didn’t get runny. I leave them raw maybe that is why? I have come to like that flavor. Any suggetions?

    • Hi!
      I’ve been making this pretty much weekly, and in exactly the same way, since I posted the recipe, and a couple of times it hasn’t been runny. Actually, my current batch isn’t runny at all. My theory is that it has to do with the seeds themselves – that they sometimes have a lower oil content (maybe depending on freshness?) So my suggestion is to try again… I don’t know about using them raw since I never do.

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