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Snowy Sunday cooking projects: bread and oxtail.

So I am making up for months without blogging by making a bunch of things at once. We’ve been doing some work to our kitchen, but mostly I have just been busy and uninspired, and light is so bad here in the winter for photos. Anyway, just bad excuses.

So I made a gluten-free bread today, which is based on this bread mix from Schär:

I am generally a bit sceptical about these pre-made mixes, because they are often so starchy, but at the same time the bread I made from this recently, just with some added seeds and fibre, turned out so great.

So I decided to mix it with some wholegrain flour and see how it acted. Instead of the 500g of breadmix suggested in the recipe on the bag, I used 250g, and then added 100g teff flour, 100g of this other mix that I had on hand. Added yeast according to the instructions and some flax seeds and fibre supplement and psyllium. (I am not really putting a recipe here since these products are quite Norway-specific, and since I was just mixing stuff somewhat at random).

Somehow the bread didn’t brown on top, but it is otherwise very good! Great texture and taste. I had some with quince paste and goat cheese and froze it in slices. Looking forward to toast!

Braising oxtail

I had a kilo of oxtail on hand, which is something I have never cooked before. It needs a low and slow braise, so that’s what it got.

First, I dried off and seasoned all the bits of oxtail with some oregano, cumin, salt, pepper, paprika and chili flakes, in a vaguely  Mexican twist.

Then, they went into the Dutch oven with half an onion, two ribs of celery and a few carrots (classic mirepoix mix), and water enough to almost cover the bottom oxtail bits (big ones at the bottom, small ones on top).

This got to simmer at a 150C oven for about 4 hours, at which time all the collagen and cartilage and whatnot had mellowed out and it was all starting to fall off the bone. I picked out the oxtail pieces and took the meat off the bone and shredded it with a fork.

I served the shredded oxtail on a sort of open-face arepa (I figured I wouldn’t be able to make proper tortillas – not quite the right masa and no tortilla press), with some onion and coriander on top. I served it with the braising vegetables (I think carrots and celery taste by far the best after several hours of cooking with the fatty meat… too good to throw out!)

The remaining juices/cooking liquid from the braising will go into lentil soup later in the week, I figure. Should make it rich and delicious.
Stay tuned!