Lazy weekend.

This past week was just grueling. So this weekend I am making up for it by taking it very easy and hanging out with friends. Yesterday, the co-op where I live (maybe that’s not the right term) had its biannual “dugnad” – a very Norwegian thing which doesn’t translate well. It means everyone gets together to clean up the communal areas. So I raked a bunch of leaves in front of the building. Otherwise it’s been laundry time – slowly going through my delicates. The new laundry machine seems to have a good delicates program. As you can see – not the most interesting weekend.. But I have done some cooking too!

Chia breakfast cereal (gf)

In Toronto, my husband often eats this chia cereal from Ruth’s Hemp Foods. This is a homemade approximation. Gluten-free, good vegan source of omega-3, plenty of fiber.

I soaked 2 tbsp chia seeds with some goji berries in some lactose free milk, and then 5 minutes later I sprinkled in some pumpkin seeds, some buckwheaties and some coconut. Not bad! However, I do think for next time I will get some hemp seeds and cut down on the buckwheaties.

Homemade oat milk (gf, v)

So I have this feeling that maybe I am not handling lactose too well any more. These things can happen as we age, and given that I have consumed very little lactose for several years now, I am wondering if I have become more sensitive to it. I eat much more milk products here in Norway than i did in Canada.

So I have decided to cut out lactose for a few weeks and see what happens. In that context, I have been curious about homemade milk alternatives. Especially because oat milk is generally the one I prefer, but the storebought varieties are not gluten-free (which obviously is not an issue for me, but for other members of my household).

So yesterday I made gluten-free oat milk according to this recipe from Affairs of Living. I did not culture the milk, but still the results were really quite thick (and the milk has not separated, I guess because it was cooked). I think it would perhaps be better for cooking than drinking, so next time I won’t add stevia (I only added  a little bit, and it isn’t too sweet). A pretty fascinating process, actually. I got a nut milk bag recently, which I strained the milk through. It was more work than I expected, though.

Here, the oats and water are simmering away. After putting it through the blender and the nut milk bag, I poured it into this rather decorative bottle 🙂


My exciting grocery find of the week was this tamarind for cooking. I used some for a simple chickpea curry with coconut and tamarind.

And finally, this week’s latte art

I have to say it is rather hit or miss still whether I get this right, but anyway, I am starting to make rather decorative, though somewhat abstract, lactose free cappuccinos.. This is really one of the reasons I am cutting just lactose and not dairy altogether, because there is no way I can get cappuccinos right with milk alternatives….


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