Lactose-free mac and cheese with veggies.

I had various left-overs in my fridge, but what I really wanted today was mac and cheese.. And, as I mentioned, I have decided to cut out lactose. Thankfully there are options..

Mac and cheese, step by step

  • cook pasta (I happened to use gluten-free pasta – it’s what we have around)
  • cut a small butternut squash in half, remove seeds, pierce all over with fork, microwave on high for about 4 minutes (until soft)
  • make a roux from 1.5 tbsp each olive oil and flour (rice flour for gluten-free)
  • stir the roux as you add lactose-free milk
  • If you have frozen portions of caramelized onions, like I do, defrost one
  • add onions and mashed butternut squash to the sauce
  • add some lactose-free cheese (old-school traditional hard aged cheeses should all be lactose-free, I used some “goat parmesan”)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • add pasta
  • enjoy!

4 responses to “Lactose-free mac and cheese with veggies.

  1. old-school traditional hard cheese is lactose free? ooh I never heard of that.. wee 🙂 Thanks for making my day, Anne 😀

    you say you used “goat parmesan” – actual parmesan from goat? just wondering why the “” was there, lol.

    • Yes, aged cheese has little or no lactose, it somehow gets eaten up in the aging process. According to Tine, all their hard yellow cheeses have only 0-0.5 g lactose per 100g.

      As for the “” – well, it was sold to me as goat parmesan, however, the artisan cheese maker who sold it to me told me that they only marketed it as “parmesan” because then more people would by it because it sounded fancy. He said it was actually a traditional cheesemaking technique from his area (Møre og Romsdal perhaps?). Basically it was a hard cheese very similar to parmesan in texture, but with a distinct goat-y flavor.

  2. Hmm I guess Norvegia and jarlsberg aren’t in that category (darn!)

    lol marketing at its best – sounds good though. I’m very fond of chevre, so I’d probably like the hard cheese too. Did it have any of the parmesan-y smell?

    hmm traditional cheesemaking technique from Møre og Romsdal.. Maybe the Famrers Market will have those.

    Thanks !

    • No, no, they are. That’s exactly what I was referring to… I guess Vellagret Norvegia would be the safest bet.

      I got that cheese at Matstreif, the big farmers market at Aker Brygge in early September.

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