Monthly Archives: May 2011

I <3 Atlantic.

I just came home from the Atlantic on Dundas – my third visit since it opened last spring, and everything was just as amazing as the previous two. I have yet to be disappointed by chef Nathan Isberg! Will keep coming back. No pictures – it was dark and I only had my iPhone, plus, I would feel weird about it. But here goes:

Jerk spice olives

Yummy! But a bit on the spicy side and didn’t match up so well with other flavors – would be better just on their own.

Lobster bisque with orange blossom cream

Delicious, packing both some unexpected heat and the very delicate flavor of the orange blossom cream. So good!

Roasted cauliflower and chickpea salad with cambodzola dressing

Black chickpeas, and garnished with flower petals. Delicate, interesting and so tasty.

Tartiflette with riesling and gruyère

Ultimate comfort food!!

Tarte Tatin with whiskey chantilly and nutmeg

He does magic with whipped cream, for real (last time it was rosemary flavored). This was wonderful and it came together so well.