Monthly Archives: January 2011

Leftover lunch

We had a friend over for dinner last night, and I had totally forgotten that he is allergic to salmon.. So there was some left over for my lunch!

I’ve got mashed sweet potato, honey mustard glazed salmon and spinach with a small container of dressing, plus a kiwi.


Curry bento.

At long last!

I have been so BAD at bentoing lately. Not sure why I never got back into the game after we moved in November. But anyway, I made a bento today!

I am using the thermal bento set from Muji, which I picked up in Berlin in May 2009 when husband dearest and I went on a mini honeymoon.

The thermal compartment has brown rice and some sort of sweet potato and red bell pepper curry on top. It’s left over from last night’s dinner, which was curried lamb chops. The small compartment has cottage cheese and some raspberry jam, and then, of course, there is a kiwi. The little tool is a special kiwi eating tool, which I got for free at the Vegetarian Food Fair back in September. Very conveniently bento-sized.

I also got the Instagram iPhone app – here’s how the bento turned out. Not sure whether vintage is a good look for food…? The colors are quite nice with this filter, though.