Thermal bento.

I don’t use this thermal bento nearly as much as I should. It is also a bit difficult to take nice photos of, so that’s why it doesn’t feature here often.

So what I’ve got here is a bowl of soup, a pack of mango/apple sauce, and half a slice of artisan pumpkin seed bread from the farmer’s market, which I cut into pieces so it would fit into the container.

The soup is leftover from when I was making mushy foods for Al after his dental surgery. It is a purée of two sweet potatoes, an onion, garlic, a low sodium stock cube and a big can of black beans, seasoned with a bit of cumin. It was quite tasty! To make it more interesting, I also mixed in some leftover pulled pork/slow roasted pork shoulder I made over the weekend (not visible in the picture). The soup keeps quite warm until lunch time. Nice lunch for this first day of real snow in Toronto.


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