Bentos from a few days back.

My bento had more millet polenta and two small chickpea pumpkin burgers (a can of chickpeas, half a can of pumpkin, some onion and ginger). The top compartment has celery sticks and a gluten-free millet blackberry muffin (a riff on my standard gf muffin recipe, but with a millet/sorghum flour blend, some whole millet and broken up blackberries). The muffins were pretty good.

Husband dearest got a bigger piece of the millet polenta and a burger made from a can of white beans and a can of salmon (turned out quite good). He also got a gluten-fre muffin, an some carrot sticks.


2 responses to “Bentos from a few days back.

  1. Glad to have found your site! The millet polenta sounds really good. I’m GF, as well as casein/lactose free, and vegan. Definitely makes things challenging, but delicious too 🙂 I love the ideas you have, and am hoping to make your revised bread recipe over the weekend. And having fun reading about your bentos too – the project also has me bitten!

  2. Welcome 🙂 I hope you like the bread recipe. I make it more or less weekly, with some variations depending on what I have on hand. Some seem to rise better than others, though. GF breadmaking is tricky eh… Anyway, the GF husband gobbles it up 🙂

    I see you are more ambitious than me in terms of making your bentos pretty… very nice!

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