His and hers bentos.

Al got a bento too today 🙂 They are quite similar, although he obviously eats more..

In the big compartment on the right, there are two big pieces of millet and swiss chard “polenta”, for which I found the recipe here. It was quite good! The burgers are chicken seasoned with za’atar.

To the left: a kiwi, raspberries, cucumber and carrots.

Mine also has a burger, millet/chard “polenta”, carrots and a kiwi.

The final item is a muffin I made with wholegrain spelt and millet flours, ricotta, orange juice and raspberries (!). It was a totally experimental thing, and it was a while since I had baked with gluten. They rose too much and the batter was too wet (gluten-free goods usually don’t rise as much and require a wet batter, and seem to have forgotten that the same does not apply for normal baking…), so they ended up collapsing and  as a result are somewhat odd-looking. This is why they have not showed up on the blog… They taste good though!


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