Sandwich bento.

I was a bit uninspired this morning, so this is the result. There are two small sandwiches with herbed goat cheese, a kiwi, some blueberries and a carrot.

The bread I use is this rye bread. I eat it for breakfast every day with pumpkin seed butter and honey, so I generally try to do something different for lunch, but at the same time you can’t really go wrong with bread and cheese.. Says the member of the household who can actually eat those things… That bread is very good and it keeps you full long, plus it keeps well in the fridge. A good thing when there is only one person who can eat it!


2 responses to “Sandwich bento.

  1. Jeg betaler deg 10 000 kroner hvis du tar Pumpkin Seed Butter til meg til Jul!!!!!!!!
    Hi, my name is Adeline and I’m addicted to PSB.

  2. Hahaha, 10 000? Ikke lov for mye, nå….

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