Two-ingredient gluten free wraps.

These are pretty brilliant. They are wraps made from soaked split mung beans, some salt and perhaps a dash of water, voilà tout. And they taste good, and they can be rolled and folded without breaking.

Also, instead of costing $4.79 for 6 wraps (like the delicious teff wraps) or $6 for 6 like the excellent (and admittedly huge) teff-only injera from the Ethiopian corner store down the street, they are extremely cheap to make once you get a hold of some split mung beans from your local Indian grocer. I made 5 wraps just now with just 1.5 dl dry beans.

You basically just soak the mung beans in water for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. Then you drain them and process them until smooth. Ideally in a food processor, but I did fine with an immersion blender. I needed to add a bit of water to the batter, as I only soaked them for 2 hours, but you may not need to if you soak them longer. The batter should be quite thick, not runny. I ladled big spoonfuls onto my nonstick pan (really no need for oil etc) and then spread the batter out quickly into a circle with a spatula. Worked like a charm!

Next time I might try to make them thinner and more “dosa-like”. Anyway, this recipe/technique is a keeper!

Highly recommended! I think they would be good for bentos too, rolled up with a nice filling. Finally, it’s great to see a gluten-free recipe that has so few ingredients!


4 responses to “Two-ingredient gluten free wraps.

  1. Adding giner,garlic, onion(all the three in the form of paste, preferably), cumin seeds enhances the taste. We call this as “pesarattu” in Telugu, one of the languages spoken in India.

    • Hi,
      I’m cooking a lot of Indian food lately and trying to learn more about Indian cooking, so I will definitely try this 🙂

  2. So … fried? Flipped? Baked?

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