Two more bentos from last week.

I wrote my exam! I am free! Now let’s just hope I pass it… Anyway, here are two more bentos from last week. The pretty one was for a day when I had a lunch break with a friend who is working in Toronto over the summer. She reads the blog, so I thought I should try to make a decent-looking bento for once…

There is rice, three slices of smoked tofu and a radish in the bottom compartment. Above, a babybel cheese, another radish, some cucumber and a cupcake liner filled with blueberries and raspberries. Pretty colors, non?

This one is a bit simpler. There is some spelt/rye bread with a) edamame hummus (storebought, tasty!) and b) cream cheese made from goat milk which I bought at the farmers’ market at Bloor and Borden. Then, half a carrot, another radish and more berries.

Now that I am done with my exam, I am back to doing more research assistance and such. That might mean that there won’t be many bentos, because I work from home. The weather is slightly cooler now, though, so maybe I can start cooking and baking more again 🙂 Stay tuned.


One response to “Two more bentos from last week.

  1. Gratulerer med eksamen! Nå er det bare to uker igjen til jeg kommer på besøk og det er ting som jeg bare må smake på! 🙂

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