Exam time sustenance.

It’s been a quiet summer, blog-wise.. During the May Toronto heatwave I was too hot to cook. And I didn’t have a proper camera in Norway. And now there are only ten days left to my monstrous exam.

But I still need to eat something, so here are some lunches from this week.

Rice and beans, edamame, a Babybel cheese and half a carrot. Nope, not too exciting…

This time, the rice and beans (which I have shaped with an onigiri mold and pre-frozen, so I can just thaw them in the morning) are paired with some slices of smoked tofu (tasty stuff!), another Babybel and some cucumbers.

And today I simply gave in and went to the Korean supermarket. Those are storebought onigiri with spicy beef stuffing. Very tasty! They have this clever packaging so that the nori is separated from the rice in order to keep it crispy, and then you carefully peel away the plastic wrapper and fold it around the rice. Oh, and chocolate milk, my weakness…


2 responses to “Exam time sustenance.

  1. Hi I’m Korean who just started to live in oslo XP
    I am wondering where is that “Korean supermarket.”
    Is that in Oslo? I guess you’re living in oslo as well?
    please let me know the location 🙂 thx!

  2. Hi,
    sorry to disappoint you but that Korean super market is definitely not in Oslo! I used to live in Toronto (just returned to Oslo two weeks ago) and that supermarket is in Koreatown in Toronto.

    Good luck finding ANYTHING Korean here in Oslo… There is a Japanese supermarket at Majorstua which is very expensive, and otherwise some Thai/Vietnamese ones. I hear there is a restaurant in Markveien near Birkelunden which has some Korean food, but I haven’t been (Mr Tang? something like that).

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