Wheat-free gnocchi with tomato-free sauce.

It seems that we need to add tomato to our growing list of off-limits foods. It’s just too acidic. So between the two of us now, we are now avoiding eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten, shellfish and tomato. Phew! Still, no reason to despair, there are so many yummy things to eat! Here’s a very basic dinner, partly store-bought.

Gnocchi is usually made by mixing mashed potato with wheat flour, so most gnocchi is off limits for people with wheat or gluten sensitivities. I recently noticed that Whole Foods is selling special gluten-free gnocchi, but they charge $15 for it (!!). No way… I was much more interested when I found that a common brand of gnocchi has started selling two new varieties that use rice and corn instead of wheat, for a whole $2.99. We got the corn one, and it tasted quite good, though the texture is somewhat grittier than the wheat one, I found.

I served the gnocchi with a normal meat sauce, where I swapped the tomato for a can of pumpkin puree. I also enhanced the flavor with a dash of good balsamic vinegar. It really didn’t turn out very different from a tomato-based sauce, seasoned generously with Italian herbs and such. Yum!


3 responses to “Wheat-free gnocchi with tomato-free sauce.

  1. Wow, very interesting. I never thought that there could be gnocchi from corn. I have to look, if I can buy it here… btw I loke your blog very much! ❤ Keep up! ^_^b

  2. T_T I’m sorry but I had a typing error in the blog-url XD I’m not owner of that religious website! ^^°

  3. It’s actually made from potato and corn, not just corn. Normal gnocchi is potato plus wheat flour, but these replace the wheat with corn.

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