Buckwheat pancakes and scrambled tofu.

This is a really simple and cheap vegan, gluten-free dinner. It turns out buckwheat pancakes are just as easy to make as chickpea pancakes, with only 2-3 ingredients! I’ve seen several different and more complicated recipes, but this very simple one does the trick! I’ve poached it from Susan Jane Murray, my new inspiration. Buckwheat crepes are actually very common in France, where they are called “crèpes de sarrasin”. They are usually served with savory fillings, while the white/wheat ones are served sweet. They have a dark greyish-brown color, which is perhaps not super appetizing, but they taste very nice.

Pardon the slightly blurry picture, it was too dark to get a good-quality photo without a tripod..

Buckwheat crèpes for 2

  • 1 dl buckwheat flour (wholegrain)
  • 1 tsp salt or Herbamare
  • 2 dl water

Mix buckwheat flour and salt in a jug or deep measuring cup. Mix in half the water and stir well to form a paste. Stir in the remaining water. Set aside for at least 15 minutes (important!).

Meanwhile, make your favorite scrambled tofu, such as this one or this one. I made mine with 1/2 block tofu, 1/4 diced onion, garlic, 1/2 diced zucchini and various seasoning. The key for me is a lot of nutritional yeast!

When it is done, pour into a bowl and wipe out the non-stick frying pan. Fry the pancakes in some olive oil. They should be thin and crèpe-like, so swirl the pan in order to distribute the batter properly. Flip carefully when the underside is cooked. They should hold together quite well, but they are a bit fragile.

When cooked, transfer to a plate and fill with the scramble. Enjoy a quick and wholesome meal!


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