Wholemeal buckwheat bread.

I gave in and stopped making up gluten-free bread recipes because it clearly wasn’t quite working out.. The two last ones have been thrown out uneaten.. I have accepted that there are others out there that are better at this than me, and one of them appears to be Susan Jane Murray, a fellow Oxford grad and “food guru”. I just made her wholemeal buckwheat bread, and even I, then gluten-eating family member, found it quite nice! It’s totally wholesome, and pretty much grain-free too. It must be quite high in protein and fiber, and with all those pumpkin seeds it should have a nice iron boost too.

I followed the recipe fairly closely, but I switched the millet flakes for quinoa flakes and the sunflower seeds for pumpkin seeds. The dough is very loose, sort of soupy, and you bake it in a square cake pan, more like focaccia. It works quite well. I think the point here is that dough doesn’t rise much without gluten, and this way it turns out less compact. Thanks, Ms Murray!

Update: I made a second one of these with flax seeds. Instead of the 3/4 cup pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds I used 1/2 cup golden flax seed and 1/4 cup flax meal. I think I added an extra tbsp or so of milk too, and I cut the cinnamon a bit and omitted the ginger. It turned out great!


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