Green burgers.

Just Bento is one of my favorite food blogs, and I really like Maki’s ideas for neat things to put in a bento (which can of course also be had for dinner etc). I have previously featured her mini tuna tofu miso burgers, which I really liked. This time I decided to try one of her vegan burger recipes, for poppyseed-encrusted green pea mini-burgers.

I had read the recipe before, but I did not have it at hand when I was cooking, so I made a play-it-by-ear/improvised version. It was a very successful adaptation, and judging by some of the comments to the original recipe I dare say it may even be an improvement. My burgers held together perfectly, and showed no sign of falling apart. Maki notes that hers were quite fragile. I attribute this to my addition of a “flax egg” as binder (which should also up the fiber and protein content a bit!)

So what did I do differently from Maki’s original recipe?

  • I used a mix of green peas and edamame. This tasted good, but I warn you, edamame is much more difficult to mash by hand. Actually it’s almost impossible. So it ended up being mushy peas with edamame bits..
  • I used lots of chopped fresh basil in place of the rosemary and I omitted the olives (didn’t have any). I really like the combination of peas and basil.
  • I used pumpkin seed butter instead of tahini (I am hooked on the stuff, and my latest jar of tahini seems to be rancid)
  • I added the aforementioned “flax egg” (1 tbsp flax meal [heaped in this case] plus 3 tbsp water, let sit until gooey)
  • I may have added a little more rice flour than what was called for, didn’t measure, which could also account for the firmer texture
  • I used a mix of poppy seeds and sesame seeds for the crust, and I did not have onion and garlic flakes.

I must say that, while they were a bit messy to make, these were really excellent!


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