Making an effort with the bentos.

I was quite pleased with myself last night when I cooked sushi rice and broke in my new onigiri mold, which makes little tube-shaped rice balls. I was not quite so pleased when I set out to assemble my bento this morning and realized that there was barely anything else to add to make a bento of, except for that rice. I was particularly low on protein-heavy things. So my plan to make a proper bento today did not quite pan out. It didn’t turn out that bad, though, but it led to a spur of activity this afternoon as I decided to fill my freezer with bento friendly foods.

Today’s bento

The left side compartment contains my lovely little onigiri, which have got a little nori “belt”. There is also a bunch of broccoli which I steamed in the microwave.

To the right, there is a chunk of Comté cheese, two strawberries, and a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds. The latter were thrown in as a bit of an after thought — I figured I needed something protein-rich.

Afternoon cooking projects

After this morning’s annoyance, I figured I should replenish my freezer stash. I bought ready-made veggie dumplings and edamame at the Korean grocery store — both convenient last-minute additions to bentos. They can be steamed in the microwave or even packed frozen (if they are pre-cooked).
I then proceeded to make tuna tofu miso mini burgers from Maki’s recipe.

I forgot the green onions and added some shichimi togarashi seasoning. I also omitted the breadcrumbs to keep it gluten-free, and used a “flax egg” (1 tbsp flax meal+3 tbsp water) as a binder.

They turned out a bit soft, probably because I didn’t drain the tofu well enough, but they didn’t fall apart, and they are really quite tasty! A good way to use leftover tofu, too.

I also made inarizushi. I bought a sort of readymade frozen pack at the Korean store ($2.69) which contained 14 triangular tofu skins, a vinegar thing for the rice, and the sesame seed thingies. You just cook sushi rice and mix with the seasoning, and then you gently peel open the skins (which should be thawed by now) and stuff them with the rice. Mmmm.

Additionally, though I don’t have a photo (they don’t look very interesting, plus, it’s dark out now) I made some chocolate seed cups. I toasted pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and quinoa puffs, and them mixed with melted chocolate and put in mini muffin liners. Mmmm….


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