Bentos from the past week.

Here are two bentos from the past week, one rather more elaborate than the other.

The left compartment has a blueberry spelt muffin, a chunk of comté cheese, and strawberries.

The right compartment has brown rice with gomashio, carrots, and baba ghanouj. I dipped the carrots in the baba ghanouj and it was not bad at all.

This second bento is rather more basic. I rarely make sandwiches for my bento, but for once I figured why not. I had some nice 3-grain pumpernickel bread lying around, so I made little sandwiches with that and some hummus. There is also a blueberry muffin and some carrots and strawberries.

This is rather more on the starchy, bread-y side than usual, but at least it is all whole grain. In fact, it’s probably not much different from when I put rice and a muffin…


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