Lime pie.

I just made this pie, with gluten free ginger snaps, and it was amazingly delicious and simple. Highly recommended!

We are going to try to eat gluten free for a couple of weeks and see if we notice any difference. I read this article yesterday which made me think. It seems like there are a lot of un-diagnosed gluten intolerant people in this world and that it is quite common to be both gluten and lactose intolerant at once. Gluten intolerance may be the underlying cause of a lot of other health problems, so it’ll be interesting to see if avoiding it makes any difference for  us.

Gluten free baking will be a bit of a challenge… Gluten free bread is quite odd, and often uses eggs as a binder, which I don’t eat. So I don’t think there will be that many baked goods during this experiment. But that lime pie sure did satisfy my sweet tooth!


3 responses to “Lime pie.

  1. So glad you liked the pie lovely xx

  2. 🙂 It was my real live friend Adeline who recommended it to me recently… You seem to have made her go vegan 😉

  3. aw bless her! I know she sure does love that pie.

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