A healthy green and purple bowl.

Fresh, a well-known Toronto vegetarian restaurant (with three locations), made its name with its wholesome and delicious rice bowls. They serve up a wide selection of bowls of brown rice with different healthy toppings (curries, vegetables..). They are certainly lovely, but I personally think that they are so simple to make at home that it is almost a shame to pay for them… This is my homemade version — a nice and quick vegan dinner.  They can be done any which way you like, with whatever you have in the fridge.

I used a mix of brown and purple rice mostly for aesthetic purposes, although purple rice is also very healthy (while it may have less fiber, purple/dark blue foods contain anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants). Even with just about 1/4 purple rice, the color is intense and pretty. Purple rice can be expensive and difficult to find, so it’s not a bad idea to dilute it in this way (I bought it cheap in my local Korean supermarket, but I have struggled to find it before, and I have never seen it in Norway).

As toppings I used steamed broccoli, edamame and avocado. The edamame provides protein (achieving protein complementarity along with the rice), and the avocado has healthy fats, so this makes for a very wholesome, and tasty, vegan meal.

To give some flavor, I made a tahini miso sauce/dressing as follows:

  • 1 scant tbsp miso
  • 1 heaped tbsp tahini
  • water
  • orange juice
  • pepper

Mix miso and tahini. Thin progressively with water and orange juice to achieve desired taste and texture. Add only 1-2 tsp at the time and stir. The texture will change from rough and grainy to runny and smooth. Add pepper. Pour over the bowl.


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