Eating cupcakes in NYC.

Over three days in NYC (Dec 13-16) I sampled a wide variety of cupcakes… My friend Rita, whom I have known since I was about three years old, is living in NYC at the moment, and despite studying nutrition she shares my rather unhealthy love for cupcakes. We went on a cupcake sightseeing on Tuesday, and I also sampled some cupcakes the day before and after…

Kytofu, 9th avenue & 48th st.

This Japanese dessert place served up a so-called Chocolate Soufflé Cupcake with a shiro cream and strawberry compote. It was very tasty and wonderfully presented, but I can’t say I would really classify it as a cupcake… We did really enjoy it, though, and we also had some excellent tea. A lovely and different dessert place.

Billy’s Bakery, 9th ave and 21st st.

Next was Billy’s Bakery, which several people have recommended. And with good reason — this was the most lusciously moist cupcake with the most amazingly rich, yet fluffy, frosting. Amazingly decadent and so filling that we had to take a break from cupcakes for several hours!

Magnolia Bakery, Bleecker st and 11th st.

The mother of all cupcake shops. I did find that the cake was drier and the frosting was less luscious than at Billy’s.  A bit of a disappointment. Also didn’t take a picture.. We ate it late in the afternoon after carrying it around for a while, so it was dark outside and the cupcake looked quite beat up!

Babycakes, Broome st and Orchard st.

I shouldn’t actually eat eggs much. I do it anyway, as you can tell, but I am thrilled to find places like Babycakes. The place is extremely allergy friendly — they have vegan and gluten free cupcakes and there wasn’t a nut in sight. Also, they are agave sweetened. The chocolate cupcake I sampled was slightly dry and crumbly, which I think is acceptable when you take into consideration how it is magically free of all known allergens…! The frosting was excellent, I really wonder how they make it!

Kumquat bakery (sampled at a crafts market at Lafayette and 4th st)

I couldn’t pass up the chance to sample their mini maple bacon cupcake. I mean, how crazy is that? Sweet and savory and bite sized! It’s awkward to compare it to all these other chocolatey treats, but it was definitely interesting!


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  1. Cupcake sightseeing!!! Best concept ever!

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