Japan meets Norwegian Christmas food: Vanilla Cloudberry Daifuku Mochi

Ok, I admit it, they’re not that pretty. I’ve never made mochi before and that stuff is sticky and hard to work with. But no matter when it’s so good!

I always called these mochi, and they are also referred to as such on most packaging I see in Asian supermarkets, but the internets tell me that the proper name when they are filled and sweet is daifuku. Who knows.

We recently went to Ikea and I couldn’t help myself when I saw the cloudberry jam. It’s a Scandinavian thing. In my family we eat a cloudberry crème for Christmas dessert every year. (It’s made up of cloudberries, whipped cream, sugar and cloudberry liqueur, and I think some vanilla, if you want to try). It’s something we really only have that one time of year — cloudberries are not that easy to come by in large quantities. My parents pick them in the early fall, which usually involves long treks to remote bogs in the mountain. They only grow in the most inconvenient places, which I suppose adds to their appeal. It also makes them difficult to commercialize, and cloudberry jam is usually more expensive than other kinds.

The second part of this is that now that we have a microwave I wanted to try to make mochi. They look so lovely here… I usually like the ones I buy at the Asian supermarkets here, but I am not always such a big fan of the bean pastes they often come filled with. An acquired taste, apparently. Also, who wants dessert with mugwort flavor? I had no idea that was even safe to eat. Yeah, I’m not buying more of those at my local Korean supermarket…

So I decided to try some flavors that were a little “closer to home”, and it turned out oh so tasty!

Vanilla cloudberry daifuku mochi

This only makes a small amount (I made 5 little mochis — just fine for me so I don’t eat too many…)

  • 1 dl Mochiko sweet rice flour
  • 1/3 dl sugar (all I had in the white sugar department was icing sugar, which worked fine)
  • 1 tsp vanilla sugar
  • 1 dl water
  • some potato starch
  • cloudberry jam

Mix the first four ingredients. Put in a microwave save bowl and cover with plastic wrap. I microwaved for 3 minutes, you may need more or less. Most recipes say more, but they are for a larger amount. It seemed cooked through after 3 minutes for me anyway. Carefully lift off the plastic wrap to let the steam out (not directly in your face!), and cool for a bit.

When it is cold enough to work with, cut into bits. Stretch them out a little, put half a teaspoon of jam, and try to fold them up to a ball. Dust with potato starch. (Put in small cupcake liners withe the ugliest side down…)


2 responses to “Japan meets Norwegian Christmas food: Vanilla Cloudberry Daifuku Mochi

  1. Multekrem! I can’t wait for Christmas now. This looks like a fun way to use cloudberries!

  2. Indeed!

    Man, I ate way too much.

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