Toronto edition

This is a transitional time for both myself and for the blog. I am going from working 8-3 and having lots of time, to starting a PhD – a never ending project that will mean a completely different life and schedule. I also moved to Canada, leaving behind the excellent SLR camera that has allowed me to take so many lovely pictures food.

However, I really would like to keep making bentos and I really enjoy working on the blog. I also moved into the Korean neighborhood in Toronto, so bento friendly food abounds. In fact I succumbed to temptation yesterday and bought a Lock&Lock lunch set… It has two boxes, one of which has three separate compartments, and comes with a little waterbottle and a chopstick set. All in a little pouch. So cool!

So anyway, I’m gettig carried away. In a week or two, when I am settled and I actually have Internet at home, I’ll try to get back to thr blog properly!


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