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Ochazuke lunch.

The easiest soup ever is probably Japanese ochazuke. Ochazuke means “soaked in tea” or something very close, and that is exactly what it is.

You take your rice left overs, in this case a mix of rice, beans and peas, and put in a bowl. Then you sprinkle with whatever you have lying around, in this case an actual ochazuke mix from the Korean supermarket with seaweed and little crunchy rice balls, plus shelled hempseed. My favorite topping is smoked salmon, but it’s expensive around here. Add some chili powder if you like. Pour green tea over it! My favorite is genmaicha.
VoilĂ  soup!

Saturday brunch.

I had amazing brunch on Saturday at a place in Leslieville called Lady Marmalade. This dish was truly sublime!

Cheddar and spinach waffles with roasted tomato, bacon and a smokey orange-tomato cream sauce, with a side salad dressed with a sesame vinaigrette. Best brunch ever!

Cheddar and spinach waffles.

Working-at-home lunch.

I made this colorful salad today to eat on my break from reading Robert Putnam’s Making Democracy Work.

It has spring mix, red bell pepper, avocado, olives, littles cubes of comté cheese and a basil/balsamic vinaigrette, and is sprinkled with shelled hemp seeds. Yum!

Lunch salad.

Quickie snack box

I’ve been bad with both making and posting bentos lately.. I made this one today to bring with me to eat between going to the gym and the lecture for the class I am TAing. It’s taught from 6-8 pm – dinner time – so it really helps to have something on hand.

There is a small tin of tomato and onion flavored tuna, healthy sesame poppyseed crackers, a babybel cheese and some dried mango and apricot. I also have a little plastic utensil that’s half spoon half knife. I got it from a stand promoting New Zealand and kiwis at the vegetarian food fair down at the Harborfront. Works well for tuna too, though, not just kiwis!

I try not to eat too much tuna – the Canadian health agency discourages women from eating much of it. Too bad, as these portion size tins are so convenient.. I figure one every few weeks can’t hurt, and I avoid tuna sushi.

Snack bento

This is a snack bento for little munchies inbetween. Particularly useful in the late afternoon… It should last a few days in my purse I imagine. Better than picking up a muffin at Starbucks when the hunger sets in, which I am really trying not to do, but then I get so hungry!

There are dried apricots and mango pieces, healthy multigrain crackers and dryroasted salty edamame.

The box is from my new Lock&Lock set.

Toronto edition

This is a transitional time for both myself and for the blog. I am going from working 8-3 and having lots of time, to starting a PhD – a never ending project that will mean a completely different life and schedule. I also moved to Canada, leaving behind the excellent SLR camera that has allowed me to take so many lovely pictures food.

However, I really would like to keep making bentos and I really enjoy working on the blog. I also moved into the Korean neighborhood in Toronto, so bento friendly food abounds. In fact I succumbed to temptation yesterday and bought a Lock&Lock lunch set… It has two boxes, one of which has three separate compartments, and comes with a little waterbottle and a chopstick set. All in a little pouch. So cool!

So anyway, I’m gettig carried away. In a week or two, when I am settled and I actually have Internet at home, I’ll try to get back to thr blog properly!