A couple of bentos.

Bento #35

Bento #35

Bento #35

I’m still super excited about this pretty new box!

This one has a lentil tofu burger, broccoli and a white rice onigiri in the main compartment. I sprinkled some gomashio on the onigiri, and, for once, remembered to put some salt on the broccoli. 

The smaller compartment is basically all desserts and snacks. I left a bunch of it to eat at 3 pm, which was nice. There is a mini blueberry pear muffin (somehow I messed up the muffin recipe this time and they are way too dry, dunno what happened…) and some dried fruit (apricot, apple, prunes — from a dried fruit mix I bought). There is also two small pieces of comté cheese (my favorite hard cheese!) and two sesame snacks. 


Bento #36

Bento #36

Bento #36

I got up and made this bento and went straight back to bed, because I was feeling so crappy on Wednesday (some kind of inner ear issue that made me so dizzy!). So this is the first bento I have consumed at home, on the couch..

It has a brown rice onigiri, a chicken burger and a bunch of julienned carrot with some shishimi togarashi and sesame oil. 

The smaller compartment has 3/4 peach, some dried apricots and a mini muffin. Some color to cheer me up on my sick day at home….


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