A new bento box and a dinner idea.

I recently indulged myself and ordered a beautiful Hakoya bento box online, and I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of it! I got it from Bento&Co, the super pretty store run by a Frenchman in Kyoto (please note, he is closed for the summer until 20 August). It took a little while to get here, due to a public holiday in Japan and Norwegian FedEx being really stupid (it sat at the airport here, 45 minutes from my house, from Friday morning until Tuesday, because “Tuesday was the guaranteed delivery date, so we won’t deliver it sooner”….) 

Bento # 33

Bento #33

Bento #33

So here it is…. Isn’t it a beauty? It comes with a red belt. It’s a bit smaller than my other one, but it still fills me up.

The top compartment has a piece of pepper smoked mackerel (store bought), some sesame snacks from the Vietnamese supermarket, and a raspberry white chocolate muffin.

The main compartment has some black quinoa salad that I made the night before. It has black quinoa, carrots, cucumbers and cilantro, and a lime/ginger sort of vinaigrette. It wasn’t as good as the one with smoked salmon, but over all not bad.



Bento #34

DSC_0473This isn’t the best picture, or the most photogenic food…

The big compartment has orzo mixed with red pesto, broccoli and cauliflower, which was left over from dinner. There is also a mini mustard chicken burger. I made it by boiling some mustard seeds in white wine and leaving for 15 mins, then mixing with ground chicken, some garlic and onion. 

The small compartment has still frozen raspberries (store bought, that’s why they’re so big), sesame snacks and dried apricots. I worried the raspberries would be super messy, but they kept their shape well. Also, the small compartment has a hermetic lid, so no spillage!


A dinner idea: fish tacos!

To many Norwegians tacos are what you get when you take a taco dinner kit, ground beef, some corn and some lettuce. After traveling first to the Mission district in San Francisco with a connoisseur friend, and later to Central America, I learned that was pretty far from the real deal… A taco dinner kit hasn’t been consumed in my household since I was about 12 and loved the stuff, but tonight we decided to try it and put a healthy spin to it. The one we got was only 10 kroner — First Price brand (no name) form Meny.

Our protein of choice was some cheap frozen haddock that we needed to eat (we’re cleaning out the freezer to move). Fish tacos are traditional in the Baja California area in Mexico, and are a great idea in general.

I thawed the fish and tore into little pieces. I then mixed about a tablespoon of the spice mix from the taco kit with to tablespoons of flour, and tossed the fish with it. I should have spiked it with some extra chili powder at this point. I fried it quickly in some canola oil. We heated the taco shells in the oven (sadly, I have never seen the more authentic small soft shell tacos in Norway), and served it all with the following toppings:

  • easy sort of guacamole made from 2 small avocados, some finely chopped onion, some chili powder and some lime juice
  • chopped white onion mixed with chopped cilantro and lime juice
  • thinly sliced white cabbage
  • taco sauce from the taco dinner kit
  • lime wedges

The result was a light and healthy meal, with very little sodium and fat compared to your regular taco meal, and much more similar to tacos I’ve eaten where they know how to make them. Also, a very nice way to use this kind of cheap, frozen white fish. Recommended 🙂


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