Quinoa salad.


Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad

I have been totally inspired by Mark Bittman’s genious salad article over at the Minimalist. Exactly my kind of recipes — no measuring, lots of flexibility — and so many good ideas! This isn’t one of his salads, but it’s vaguely inspired from reading the article. Random, but delicious! It’s a salad with quinoa, rather than quinoa with salad, so it’s a pretty light meal.

Serves 2. 

  • Cook 1/2 cup of black quinoa (thoroughly rinsed) in 1 cup of water with half a low sodium stock cube for about 15 mins
  • chop half an avocado into chunks
  • ditto half a cucumber
  • chop some smoked salmon
  • drain quinoa if there is still water in it, let cool or cool quickly under running cold water
  • mix it all up with some chopped cilantro
  • make a dressing from lots of lime juice, a little bit of neutral oil, some honey, some minced ginger and some chili powder
  • Enjoy!

The quinoa doesn’t have to be black, but it has more visual appeal. I just stumbled across some at the amazing health food store in Sandvika (where else) the other day. It tastes the same as the white stuff, but it looks a lot prettier!


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