Bento highlights.

The only time I have had some time to post bentos lately has been on the weekends, and I was away last weekend. Hence the lack of updates. Here are some of my better bentos from the past two weeks. 

Bento #30


Bento #30

Bento #30



This was mostly put together the night before. There are two summer rolls that I made with smoked salmon, iceberg lettuce, carrot, coriander and sweet chili sauce, rolled up in small rice paper rounds. You wet the rice paper in warm water and roll it up like a small burrito, trying to get it tight. It’s  bit tricky and I am still struggling to master the technique, so once you pick them up out of the box they kind of fall apart…

There’s also a peach/raspberry/white choc muffin, green grapes, edamame and some sesame snacks which I bought in a Vietnamese supermarket. Light and tasty.


Bento #31


Bento #31

Bento #31


There is sushi rice left over from dinner (we bought Salma salmon and made loads of  salmon nigiri, which was really excellent) and some salaed (also left over from dinner) in the left side compartment. I didn’t think to actually dress the salad, so it was kind of boring….

To the right there is a peach blueberry muffin, a lentil/tofu burger, some mango chutney for the burger and a mini peach agar agar.

We’ve been making peach agar agar with the peach puree we have left over after making muffins. I nice little fruity space filler. You just boil the puree with some agar agar and perhaps a bit of sugar, I have no real idea about proportions here. You need to add a bit more agar agar than you normally would and boil it a little longer, because there is oxalic acid in the peach and it doesn’t always set properly.

Bento #32

Bento #32

Bento #32

This is another quickie dinner leftover concoction. There is a piece of pepper smoked mackerel (storebought, very cheap), some carrot sticks and some green grapes grapes.

Then there are some chickpeas, from a can, that were sauteed together with a chopped shallot that I had first sauteed with some balsamic. I sprinkled it all with some pepper and voila. 

Finally, some radishes and a peach blueberry muffin.


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