Some bentos.

I never seem to get around to posting bentos during the week anymore, but here are some of last week’s bento lunches. I am making bento boxes pretty much every day, but I don’t always remember to photograph them..

Bento #27


Bento #27

Bento #27



Sometimes I am amazed at how much food this little box can actually hold… This was certainly more than enough to fill me up!

In the left compartment there is a brown rice onigiri, some broccoli and a peach agar agar.

In the right side compartment is a piece of salmon left over from dinner, two leek dumplings, some carrot sticks and a vegan carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting (also vegan). My roommate made these to bring to her coworkers, but they kind of collapsed and were not quite presentable, so I ate most of them… I made my first ever vegan cream cheese frosting with Tofutti pretend cream cheese plus margarine and powdered sugar, and it was totally amazing! I was eating the stuff by the spoonful….

Bento #28


Bento #28

Bento #28



This one is less interesting, being made up all from freezer stash.

The left compartment has a still frozen peach and blueberry muffin, carrot sticks and some green grapes. I found some decent priced ones the other day.

The right compartment has some of the leek dumplings and a lot of broccoli. I steam the broccoli and rinse it under cold water to cool, and then I sprinkle it with salt and some sesame oil. 



Bento #29


Bento #29

Bento #29



I decided to test how it would work to use this sort of lock&lock container from Åhlens, which holds 530 ml. It’s sort of deeper than the normal bento, which makes the space more difficult to fill, but which can also be helpful for example when the muffin is too tall to fit the other box… I made use of some silicone muffin liners as separators.

Clockwise from top left: Shredded carrots sprinkled with sesame oil and sesame seeds,  two slices of smoked trout, a still frozen peach blueberry muffin, and sliced raddishes resting on top of two still frozen leek dumplings.

This worked OK, but due to the depth of the thing there was a bit of extra space on the top and the raddishes and carrots shifted around a bit. A slight sesame oil aroma to the muffin….


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