Bento round-up of the week.

There’s been quiet a lot on my plate this week, so to speak, so I haven’t had time to upload any bentos. Here are some of my lunches from the past week, including one I made for my friend who’s moved in with me because she got a job near here for the summer.

Bento #19

Bento #19

Bento #19

This bento has “lompe” (Norwegian potato-based tortillas) rollups with turkey ham and herbed cream cheese, as well as some steamed broccoli, in the left compartment.

The right compartment holds a pear muffin, some carrot sticks, an apricot and a mini apricot blueberry agar agar dessert.

I made a bunch of these mini agar agar desserts in mini silicone muffin molds, and they are so tasty! Super quick to make, as you only have to boil the apricot puree with the agar agar for a minute. As I use frozen blueberries, and they are so small, they set in no time.

Bento #20

Bento #20.

Bento #20.

This bento has a triple apricot muffin (I forgot to take a picture of these, and haven’t got around to blogging about it. Essentially I used the same recipe as for the pear muffin, with apricot puree instead of pear, dried apricots instead of raisins, and apricot jam instead of sugar. Oh and no yogurt, so they are vegan), another apricot blueberry agar agar and a quartered nectarine.

To the right, a star shaped onigiri with gomashio, a chicken parmesan mini burger, and some carrot sticks. The mini burger is made from ground chicken, onion, herbs, garlic and grated parmesan cheese. Very tasty!

Bento #21

Bento #21

Bento #21

A quick bento made from freezer stash here.

In the top compartment, the last pear muffin, some carrot sticks and a quartered nectarine.

In the bottom compartment, an onigiri sprinkled with gomashio, more carrot sticks, some edamame, and three leek dumplings (store bought).

My friend’s first bento

My friend's first bento.

My friend's first bento.

In the big compartment on the left, there is an onigiri sprinkled with gomashio, some smoked salmon, and an apricot blueberry agar agar.

In the top right compartment we put a triple apricot muffin, and in the bottom right an apple cut into pieces and rubbed with some lemon to prevent browning. She loved it, and her colleagues were rather impressed 🙂


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