Two bentos.

My Thursday and Friday bentos, which I am only just now getting around to posting. These were both quite lazy… And towards the end of the week my freezer stash was somewhat depleted.

Bento # 17

Bento #17

Bento #17

I got some take away sushi for dinner on Wednesday, and with my bento in mind I got an extra order of avocado maki. I figured it would hold up well over night as long as I avoided the raw fish. I went to a sushi joint I haven’t tried before, called Happy Sushi, which is located i Pilestredet right by St Olavs plass. I don’t think I will go again… I had an utterly bizarre experience there with the lady making me order supplies for her on the phone because she didn’t speak any English, and the sushi looked rather sloppy. Next time it’s back to good old Le Meo Sushi, they haven’t failed me yet. Otherwise there’re carrot sticks, edamame, a green tea muffin, an apricot and some raisins.

Bento #18

Bento #18

Bento #18

Again, a rather lazy bento. The top compartment has one of the last green tea muffins, a kiwi and some edamame used as  a gap filler.

The bottom compartment has carrot sticks, the last of the meat balls I made a few weeks back, and a brown rice onigiri with vegetable furikake which pretty much fell into pieces before I even got it in the box. The brown rice definitely isn’t as sticky.

It’s weekend again, and I am trying to come up with exciting ideas for next week’s bentos. Already playing around with some muffin ideas in my head… Let’s see what I can come up with!


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