Another reason to go vegan.

I just read an article in the NYT about the benefits of an “eco-Atkins” diet, a vegan low carb diet based around soy, seitan, vegetables and healthy fats. It helped the study participants to significantly lower bad cholesterol. So that’s yet another reason I should probably go vegan full time… I doubt it will really happen, but at least I’ll try to stick to my approximate 75% vegetarianism


2 responses to “Another reason to go vegan.

  1. Your vegan food looks awesome. I’m jealous of your bento lunches. What’s holding you back?

  2. Thank you for your kind words…

    I guess the simple answer is that some of my favorite foods are animal based (I LOVE salmon in all shapes and forms, particularly as sushi or gravlax), and I am too much of a gourmand to deprive myself of it…

    I guess eating vegan or vegetarian most of the time seems like a fair compromise to me…

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