Bento roundup.

I haven’t had time to upload the past few bentos, so here’s a round-up of this week’s lunches. There won’t be a lot of bentos in the next little while, as I am doing some travelling etc. We’ll see. I’m passing through the amazing food city of Lyon, capitale gastronomique de la France, and there might be something blog-worthy to eat there 🙂
Monday’s bento:

Bento #7

Bento #7

To the left, blanched spinach with gomashio and a soy sauce fish, carrots and an apple muffin.

To the right, a heart shaped onigiri, two homemade meat balls (lean ground beef, soy sauce, ginger, garlic shichimi togarachi; baked in the oven), bits of super ripe yellow mango.

Tuesday’s bento

Bento #8

Bento #8

To the right, apple muffin, meat balls and brown rice onigiri.

To the left, edamame, carrot, kiwi and red grapes.

This didn’t really feel verycreative…



Wednesday’s bento

Bento #9

Bento #9

This, on the other hand, I was quite happy with 🙂 Something about the mango, so delicious…

To the left, flower shaped onigiri with gomashio, steamed broccoli, two leek dumplings.

To the right, yummy yellow mango, edamame and an apple muffin.

The apple muffins kept quite well, really, and it was still moist today.


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