Another vegan dinner.

Contrary to what one might assume from reading this blog, I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. I’m just trying rather half-heartedly to eat less meat, and I enjoy experimenting with new food. I just love lamb, and cold cuts, and chicken… But eating less meat seems like something sensible to do for my health and the environment. I also find that vegan cooking quite stimulates my creativity. Making tofu taste good is much harder than doing it with chicken! So I see it as a bit of a challenge, really.

I picked up some fake beef strips yesterday at the A Food Market, mostly out of curiosity. They’re made from soy protein and wheat, and essentially contain just protein and fibre. I think I used them quite successfully. The dish looked super tempting, and tasted yum. The only thing that leaves something to be desired is the actual texture of the “meat”. Not much to do about that… The key to using fake meat, I find, is using strong seasonings, because the fake meat in itself doesn’t have much taste. Hoisin sauce fit the bill perfectly — it’s damn tasty and it caramelizes so nicely.

This is not something I will eat every day, but it’s definitely I nice thing to have on hand in the cupboard for last minute dinners. Combined with rice, as here, I get a full protein, as the fake meat is soy based.

Vegan dinner #2.

Vegan dinner #2.

There’s not really a recipe here. You just soak the “beef” to rehydrate in hot water for 10 mins, then squeeze it. Add 1tbsp of ready made hoisin sauce and coat. Leave for a bit to absorb. Stirfry with broccoli and bell pepper, add a little more hoisin. Serve with rice.


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