Bento #5, vegan deliciousness.

Bento #5

Bento #5

This is an entry for Maki’s vegetarian bento challenge.

The small compartment has orzo (rice shaped pasta) with steamed broccoli and homemade basil-spinach pistou.

Pistou is the provencal version of pesto, which only contains basil, oil and garlic (no pine nuts or parmiggiano). I have a nut allergy, so no nuts for me… And I had no parmiggiano on hand. This also means it’s vegan! I used about half basil and half spinach in mine, because I had baby spinach on hand and not THAT much basil. Turned out lovely!

The big compartment has three halved slices of the excellent curried chickpea terrine (adapted from this recipe, see the previous post), green and red grapes, and two raddishes to fill the little gap. The chickpea terrine is sort of hidden under some alfalfa sprouts.

So basically this is vegan, come to think of it, ensuring protein complementarity by using both a legume (chickpea) and the pasta. It was also really delicious and filling, and all made in the night before (the orzo was left over from dinner). Very happy about this one, it was super yum!


2 responses to “Bento #5, vegan deliciousness.

  1. Doctress Julia

    That looks really tasty. Great bento, awesome! 🙂

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