Bento #4

Bento #4

Bento #4

I had some light issues today. Taking good quality food photos is quite the challenge, eh.

Yet another quickie bento, because I had a friend staying overnight and had very little time to prepare it. There’s left over rice from yesterday’s dinner, which is a mix of brown basmati and black rice. I clearly didn’t wash it very well because it became quite purple… I boiled it with some lemongrass chunks thrown in for flavor. Yum. Otherwise there’re carrots, raddishes, green and red grapes, and another carrot muffin. With some help from the said friend I have almost finished them now…

The little boxes are quite awesome single servings of a sort of salmon spread with lemon and pepper. I’ve never seen them before, and I’m not sure I will keep buying a lot of them because it feels like I waste of packaging, but it really is quite handy and it was super tasty. They’re made by Stabburet, who also make similar packs with “makrell i tomat” (mackerel in tomato sauce, a typically Norwegian bread spread, which I think is very tasty ,but which gives you horrible breath).


One response to “Bento #4

  1. That one looks fabulous – shot before 7am on a rainy Norwegian Tuesday!

    You’re so good!

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