Bento #3

Bento #3

Bento #3

A quick vegetarian bento from yesterday. You can see the previously featured brown rice onigiri as well as the carrot muffin. There’s also still frozen edamame and some store bought leek dumplings that I defrosted a bit in the microwave. They are actually super tasty! Finally some carrot sticks. This was basically all from the freezer stash/stuff I had lying around.

This was actually super filling,  moreso than I had expected. I had a really stressful day at work, and I didn’t end up eating the onigiri until around 4.30 pm.. I even left a few edamame.

Like most people, I was surprised at how small my bento box was when I first got it in the mail (It’s a simple Urara Lube Sheep box from Japan Centre). However I consistently find that I end up having more than enough food. More that once I’ve experienced actually not finishing it. So I am really coming to love this very compact size, and how it fits in my purse standing up, so stuff doesn’t get jumbled all over the place.


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