Brown rice onigiri.

Brown rice onigiri.

Brown rice onigiri.

I don’t have a rice cooker, so I am working to master the perfect cooking of short/medium grain rice on the stove top. With some help from Maki of Just Bento/Just Hungry I have produced near perfect white rice.

Brown rice is proving trickier, starting with just finding brown short grain rice at all. I did locate it in an amazing health food store in Sandvika recently, where they stock the excellent organic brand Suma. However my first attempt turned out rather mushy. I think it was because I sort of followed the instructions on the packaging, which said to put 1 cup rice per 2-3 cups of water. Which is really just ridiculous and I should have known better.

Anyway, second attempt, taking Maki’s cues and doing about 1 cup rice to 1,5 cup and a dash of water, produced excellent and not remotely mushy rice, also in a much shorter time than the full hour indicated on the pack. I didn’t keep track so much, but I think I cooked it for about 45 mins and then let it steam for another 15.

The only problem with this distinctly non-mushy rice is that is doesn’t quite seem sticky enough… So the onigiri I eventually did produce, where I mixed the rice with some bonito/mirin furikake, looked great and tasted great, but they did not stick together very well. Not quite sure what this is down to. The rice I used is an Italian short grain, and perhaps actual Japanese brown rice would work better.

I think these will still be great in the bento, but they will be eaten with a fork and not with my fingers…


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